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2023 Team-building Activity: Work as One Kingstar

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2023 Team-building Activity: Work as One Kingstar

Kingstar always values our employees, cares about their well-being and recognizes the importance of work-life balance.

Also, in Mar 2023, Kingstar organized another team-building activity for the team of Zhanggou Divisional Factory that involved a six-day tour of Yunnan, a province in southwest China known for its beautiful natural scenery and diverse ethnic cultures.

As shown in the photos, our team went to Suhu Secret Realm, a scenic area located in the ancient city of Lijiang city, which is characterized by beautiful water views, traditional courtyard homes, and a snowy landscape that is visible throughout the year. And the team also climbed the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, which is covered with snow all year round at its highest peak and is known for its beautiful scenery, diverse flora and fauna, and cultural significance to the Naxi people.

Kingstar shows its appreciation for the hard work of the employees by providing this complimentary travel opportunity, which is also part of our Employee Recognition Program. The trip allows our employees to relax completely in the beautiful natural scenery in Yunnan and escape from the stresses of urban life, especially after 3-year lock down during COVID-19.

The theme of the team-building activity is to enjoy the comfortable and pleasant weather and lifestyle of beautiful Yunnan as well as to celebrate thirty years of great teamwork in Kingstar and enforce our commitment to consistently work as One Kingstar

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