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Graphic Designer

Posted on Mar 24th, 2023


Actively recruiting

Location: Xiantao or Wuhan, Hubei, P.R.China

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Job description


  • The role requires professional knowledge and artistic talent to provide various visual communication solutions for our company or clients through design and creativity.

※ Responsibilities

  • Designing and creating various types of graphic design works, such as posters, business cards, and advertising materials, based on client and market demands;

  • Designing and creating various types of digital media, such as websites, mobile applications, and products’ e-catalogue;

  • Proficiently using various design software and tools, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign;

  • Communicating and collaborating with internal and external clients, other designers, and production departments to ensure timely and quality completion of design work;

  • Continuously learning and mastering the latest design skills and trends to improve their design level and market competitiveness.


  • Solid foundation in art and design theory, with good aesthetics and design sense;

  • Familiarity with various design software and tools and the ability to use them proficiently;

  • Good communication and collaboration skills, able to communicate and collaborate effectively with clients and team members;

  • Creative thinking and problem-solving skills, able to propose innovative design solutions;

  • A sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for work, able to complete tasks on time and with high quality.

We offer competitive remuneration package and benefits, open and inclusive working environment. Please submit your application online. Interview will be scheduled if qualified.

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