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Factory Workshop Supervisor

Posted on Mar 10th, 2023


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Location: Zhanggou or Xiantao, Hubei, P.R.China

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Job description


  • The role is an important position in factory production management, requiring comprehensive management skills and practical experience.

※ Responsibilities

  • Managing and coordinating the daily operations of the workshop, including production planning, production processes, and production efficiency;

  • Organizing and managing the workshop staff, including training, recruitment, and job assignment;

  • Monitoring quality and safety issues during the production process and developing corresponding improvement measures;

  • Developing the workshop's production plan and budget and ensuring production tasks are completed within the budget range;

  • Collaborating with other departments and teams to ensure the smooth realization of production plans and goals.


  • Rich production management experience and familiarity with modern production management concepts and methods;

  • Familiarity with the production processes, techniques, and equipment of the factory workshop and a certain level of technical ability;

  • Good communication, coordination, and teamwork skills to effectively manage and guide subordinates;

  • Excellent problem-solving and judgment skills to handle various emergencies and issues in a timely manner;

  • Strong planning and organizational skills to develop scientifically reasonable production plans and budgets;

  • A certain level of leadership and management skills to effectively manage and mobilize workshop personnel.

We offer competitive remuneration package and benefits, open and inclusive working environment. Please submit your application online. Interview will be scheduled if qualified.

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